Ocean Tree Beach Resort & Spa

Welcome to Ocean Tree Beach Resort & Spa, Havelock. We at Ocean Tree Beach Resort take pride in being one of the pioneer resorts in Havelock. Our Beach Resort is eco friendly and nature friendly. Ocean Tree Beach Resort is nestles on the soft white sands of Vijay Nagar Beach situated about 05 kms from the Jetty. In this regards we have attached an Introduction of Our Resort with the Tariff Plan. Our Team will be Happy to Assist you in case of any other query.

Thank you very much for your interest in our resort. Our resort is brand newin Havelock, we would like to bring you the most luxurious feeling while travelling, relaxing and leisure trip as Havelock is an ideal place to explore.

As our resort is at convenient location i.e. 10 Minute’s drive from Jetty, touristswould have easy access to famous sightseeing points in the Island.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a guests. It is an honour for us to be working with you and we look forward to more business deals with you. Our guests is most important part of our business, and we worked tirelessly to ensure your complete pleasure, now and for a long time.

Hotel statistics

768 Guest Stay